Microsoft in talks about the acquisition of a Polish studio - rumor

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The company could not be finished with the strengthening of the Xbox Game Studios setup.

Microsoft has acquired aggressively new studios in the last one and a half years, but though they said that they will focus on providing content with these studios, rather than buying more, they also said they are also with acquisitions still not ready. And if you want to believe a recently published report, Microsoft may want to record a Polish developer in the Xbox Game Studios series.

During his podcast, the Polish filmmaker Borys Nieśbielak (director of a documentary film about the development of indigenames titled _Wir are in order) said that Microsoft representatives were recently in Poland, because the company is reportedly interested in new studios that they are interested in can acquire (translated by Twitter users S3V8). Nieśpielak said he sure he knows that Microsoft has spoken with at least one studio, but it is not yet known if she still bought someone.

From all studios in Poland, who come to mind, there is at least a couple we can exclude - one of them is CD project that has an absolutely massive rating. There are also Techland, which may not be as big as CDPR, but still a big company is - for Microsoft you would certainly be a big profit, but it also seems less likely to agree with a acquisition.

There is Bloober team, the developers of blair-witch and the schichten the fear games and 11-bit studios (frostspunk), but apparently Microsoft has not acquired any listed companies in the past. That would leave people like People Can Fly, The Astronauts and The Farm 51 - and from these seems People Can Fly to be the most likely partner for Microsoft, which has already been worked Tahn wheels of war: judgment.

Wenn That's even true, that is. There is no guarantee that it is a salt grain. In relatated news, however, Head of the Xbox Phil Spencer War He recently talked about the possibility of further acquisitions in the future and apparently has an eye on Asian developers. Tagged with: Microsoft, PC, Xbox Games Studios, Xbox One, Xbox Series X


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